The range of products the company offers to restaurant owners, supermarket chains and pizza masters is very wide, but with one common denominator: the wise processing of cow’s and buffalo’s milk, exclusive tradition of the Province of Naples. The milk of excellence, real secret of the success of a quality product, comes from carefully selected farms.

All our products are available both fresh and frozen. Our Frozen line, which guarantees a shelf-life up to 12 months, is getting increasingly popular.

Some tests conducted in recent months have shown that, when properly frozen and defrosted, it is very difficult to distinguish between a fresh and a frozen product. Today Latticini Orchidea is able to provide the taste and authenticity of its products also to customers who live far away, with frozen transport by ship and a proper packaging that allows to minimize transportation costs.

Latticini Orchidea combines the wisdom of expert hands with the most modern production technologies to offer a wide range of dairy products that can meet all different requests coming from both nutrition experts and everyday consumers; anyone who wish to give a unique touch and authentic flavors to their dishes.