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Authenticity, freshness, delicacy of taste: the roots that make Latticini Orchidea a brand of absolute excellence in the dairy industry.
But sometimes quality alone is not enough to make a product unique.
It takes commitment, passion and a pinch of tradition.



Latticini Orchidea combines the wisdom of expert hands with the most modern production technologies to offer a wide range of dairy products that can meet all different requests coming from both nutrition experts and everyday consumers; anyone who wish to give a unique touch and authentic flavors to their dishes.


Our world

The Fior di Latte of the PIZZA WORLD RECORD

1,853 meters and 88 centimeters of pizza, created by more than 100 renowned master of pizza makers in the world, made with more than 2,000 kg of flour, about 1,600 kg of tomato and well 2,000 kg of Latticini Orchidea Fior di Latte.



  • I use Latticini Orchidea products for their genuine quality. The secret of my fried pizza has always been the quality of the raw materials and ingredients. The smoked provola cheese, for its intense and yes heady taste, is the perfect product to make a unique and one of a kind pizza.
    Antica Friggitoria Masardona, Napoli
    Antica Friggitoria Masardona, Napoli
  • I have been using Latticini Orchidea products for more than 40 years now. During my career as Maestro Pizzaiolo (Pizza Master), I got to use different products, but none of those are comparable to the Fior di Latte from Latticini Orchidea: unique for quality and yield, it gives the pizza that unique and one of a kind taste.
    Pizzeria da Gaetano, Ischia
    Pizzeria da Gaetano, Ischia